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Texts from Last Night: Wash. U. style

The following excerpts represent our take on Texts from Last Night, á la Wash. U.

(314): I had to touch a mannequin’s chest in human anatomy today. It was the most action I’ve gotten in weeks

Steamy windows: A critique of the back-seat bang

Back seat, windows up, that’s the way you like to…” (The last word of that sentence rhymes with ‘“yuck.”) Those are the immortal words of Ludacris. I suspect that Ludacris is probably rollin’ in a much nicer backseat than any I am used to, and I suppose that he has a fair amount of practice with the windows up. But putting these hypothetical theories to the side for the moment, I’m going to have to disagree with my man Luda.

| Forum Editor

On porn in the 21st century

I do not watch porn. Okay, so I lie—I watch porn about four times a year. It’s a special occasion—I tend to lay down the satin sheets (I have the only twin-sized satin sheets in the world) and light some romantic candles. Throw some John Mayer on the old iTunes. For me, porn is like that bottle of wine your parents whipped out when dad got a raise (sorry to place porn and parents in the same image).

| Staff Columnist

Sex and the American way

Sex has always been an interesting topic in the U.S. specifically because of its taboo nature—the U.S.’s roots in Puritan traditions of physical modesty continue to form the foundations of American thought.

| Senior Forum Editor

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