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Op-ed: Divesting is a wise choice for the University

Responding to calls from students and faculty to have the school divest from companies that profit from fossil fuels, Chancellor Mark Wrighton of Washington University said, “our position has long been that our investment policy will not be…used to support political, social or other agendas.”

Eric Zencey | Former Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Op-ed: Academic expertise or coal money?

While fossil fuel companies sell polluting energy as “clean” from the halls of our universities to international forums, frontline communities must fight for their voices to be heard.

Allie Lindstrom | Fossil Free WASHU

Op-ed submission: Neutrality is a choice

In the days since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the sections on Civil Rights, Climate Change and LGBTQ Rights have all been removed from the White House website.

Jessie Thornton and Elaine Emmerich | Class of 2019/Class of 2017

Student petition calls for University divestment from fossil fuels

Fossil Free WashU, the Washington University chapter of a national Fossil Free movement, is calling for the University to divest from fossil fuels through an online petition launched last week.

| Contributing Reporter

Calling on Wash. U. to cut ties with Peabody Energy

In light of recent behavior by Peabody Energy, we are disappointed to see this corporation continuing to act in its own self-interest, in staunch opposition to the will of the people and at the expense of the public good. We are calling on this university to end its partnership with Peabody Energy. On Feb.

Rachel Goldstein, David Binstock, Madeleine Balchan, Jamal Sadrud-Din

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