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Op-Ed: Divestment, not denial, will fix Wash. U.’s climate change complacency problem

With Chancellor-elect Andrew Martin preparing to take the reins of the University in June, we hope he will demonstrate a greater sense of urgency in confronting the challenges ahead of us.

Eddie Ives | Fossil Free WashU

Students bring attention to campus issues on ‘Live with Katy Tur’

Washington University students spoke about campus issues for the live taping of MSNBC’s “Live with Katy Tur” outside of the Danforth University Center Thursday, Oct. 11.

Jaden Satenstein | Contributing Reporter

Graduate Workers Union, Fossil Free protest Saturday

Members of the Washington University Graduate Workers Union and Fossil Free WashU held protests at Brookings Hall and Anheuser-Busch Hall Saturday.

Emma Baker | News Editor

Op-ed: Graduate workers and students put administration on notice

This past Saturday, we, the Wash. U. Graduate Workers Union (WUGWU), took action with Fossil Free WashU at ThurtenE Carnival to demand that Washington University stop its exploitation of graduate workers, St. Louis and the planet.

Wash. U. Graduate Workers Union

Op-ed: Fossil fuels undermine the core value of Wash. U.

Fossil Free WashU recently visited a community in southern Illinois to see the direct effects that fossil fuel extraction has had there.

Eddie Ives | Fossil Free WashU

Fossil Free WashU rallies for divestment

Members of Fossil Free WashU rallied to protest against Washington University’s decision to not divest from fossil fuel companies, asking the administration to reconsider their policy March 30.

| Senior News Editor

Alumni support for fossil fuel divestment

We are alumni who all worked against fossil fuel interests at Wash. U., and we support the work of Fossil Free WashU to divest our endowment from fossil fuels.

Harry Alper, Arielle Klagsbrun, Molly Gott, Rachel Goldstein | Classes of 2011, 2012, 2014

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