forsyth boulevard

WU student robbed on Forsyth Blvd

The subject stopped the car in the street and approached the student, demanding the student’s jacket and shoes. The student complied, and the subject drove away in his car, heading west.

| Senior News Editor

Tobacco ban enforcement should not be a student responsibility

Despite the campus-wide tobacco ban, people are still smoking cigarettes around Washington University. Students and faculty alike have been slipping through the cracks, smoking on campus with few or no repercussions. Enforcement of the tobacco ban by the University has been severely lacking, and the penalties for smoking on campus are woefully unclear.

Severe storm creates flurry and confusion on campus

Sirens split through the air on Saturday afternoon, alerting students a possible incoming coming tornado. Though the tornado didn’t touch down on campus, the weather took a turn for the unusual. The tornado alarms went off on campus at around 4:10 p.m., following the warning issued by the national weather service by about 10 minutes. St.

| Senior News Editor

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