Response to fraternity formal debate

The multitude of responses that I have received (both positive and negative) concerning last Monday’s “The not-so-hidden expectations behind fraternity formals” demonstrates that the pressure associated with fraternity formals is an important issue that many are interested and invested in. Of course there is controversy around the article.

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A closer look at fraternity formals

In her April 19 column “The not-so-hidden expectations behind fraternity formals,” Alissa Rotblatt called to attention an important issue in the fraternity community. She raised valid concerns about what can be an uncomfortable situation for many women.

Kurt Wall | Op-Ed Submission

The not-so-hidden expectations behind fraternity formals

As I’m riding in a bus filled with rowdy college kids en route to a fraternity formal, more than excitement and even anticipation, I’m feeling relief that my date isn’t some stranger who was desperate for a last-minute setup.

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Hot Seams: Men’s fall fashion trends for every occasion

Fall is right around the corner, and guys, it’s time you stop wearing those graphic tees from the lazy days of summer. No matter where you’re going, this season’s designers have thought of exactly what you need to look your best this fall. Formal If you are faced with a formal dress code, try a […]

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Girls just wanna have [well-earned] fun

Every year, around the time that the air gets chilly and the leaves start to fall, the women of Wash. U.’s Greek scene can be spotted prowling the racks at St. Louis shops and boutiques, hunting for the perfect dress: not too tight, not too short and definitely not too fancy—save that one for spring formal. Yes, semiformal season is upon us.

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