WU prepares for more active flu season amid ongoing pandemic

Steve Lawrence, one of the University’s top infectious disease experts, said the flu season would be worse than last winter, when the number of flu cases across the country hit record lows, but he was not sure by how much. 

| News Editor

Staff Editorial: On the coronavirus: Do not fall into fear and feed into xenophobia

Making insensitive comments and isolating people can’t be justified by being “afraid” of catching the virus.

Soup, symptoms and sneezes: Seven signs you know it’s flu season at WU

Your semester’s just starting to pick up, and you’re super stressed because midterms are two weeks away. In the midst of all of that, you realize you’re sick! Here are eight telltale signs it’s flu season at Washington University.

| Student Life

What to do and where to go when Washflu catches you

If you’d like to see your future with this worthy foe, follow this flowchart and come to terms with your fate.

| Senior Scene Editor

A hypochondriac’s guide to cold and flu season

They say you’re not paranoid if it’s true. Well, in my case, I can assure you that I am in fact very sickly. While you were playing with blocks in kindergarten, I was at home with a fun case of walking pneumonia.

| Senior Scene Editor

Eleven swine flu cases reported so far, more expected

The number of suspected swine flu cases on campus jumped to 11 over the weekend.

| Editor in Chief

Number of swine flu cases continues to rise daily

Suspected cases of swine flu at Washington University hit four on Thursday evening, with school officials expecting the number to increase.

| Student Life Staff

Two new cases of swine flu reported on campus Wednesday afternoon

A Washington University undergraduate who displayed flu-like symptoms is thought to be the first case of swine flu on campus.

University prepares for possible swine flu outbreak

Following suit with other colleges across the country, Washington University has made preparations for a possible outbreak of the swine flu this coming winter.

| Staff Reporter

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