Summer festival preview

So you didn’t get a ticket to Lollapalooza. Join the club. You’re probably a little bit bitter, and even more resentful of your friends who somehow managed to procure an elusive ticket in the 10 seconds they were on sale and are now basking in the unbelievably incredible lineup. However, there’s no need to be upset.

Netflix versus Hulu

Since the dawn of time, or maybe since the dawn of 2007, Netflix and Hulu have warred over your time on the Internet. Netflix leans on its subscription model, stellar catalogue and great recommendation engine, while Hulu is (soon to be “was”) free, has a smaller library and is great for watching recent TV episodes.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Worth a Watch: “Firefly”

There’s a list of shows and movies I’ve been trying to watch since, say, 2001. Number 13 is “The Godfather” (I and II). Number 10 is “The Wire.” Number eight is the last two episodes of “Pushing Daisies.” I did get to cross off “Dr. Strangelove” (number six), the “Let It Be” documentary (nine) and “Synecdoche, New York” (20) over winter break, but only after adding “Bottle Rocket,” “Babel” and “Undeclared.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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