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Shoeless and shivering: Freshmen share their fire alarm blunders

Seeing students gathered outside of a building during a fire alarm––some without coats, some without shoes, some half asleep––is a common sight on the South 40. Because of COVID-19 and online classes, students have spent more time in their rooms, increasing the likelihood that they may need to evacuate their building due to a fire alarm. Four freshmen share fire alarm stories from their time on the South 40.

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False fire alarms still going off around campus

The oven on the first floor kitchen of Shepley House set off another false fire alarm in the South 40 dorm on Wednesday morning. “Someone was baking a pie, and it set off the detector,” a maintenance staff member who arrived in response to the alarm said. The same situation had already occurred several times […]

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Students react to accidental fire alarms

Some universities are known for the sweet sound of mockingbirds chirping on any given morning. Others are famous for the loud, bellowing noises of 18th century bells chiming from the top of Gothic towers.

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