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Martin’s promises from the past year, examined

As Andrew Martin is formally inaugurated as the 15th Chancellor of Washington University this week, Student Life is examining the statements he has made about his goals and promises for his administration. Foremost among these goals is boosting socioeconomic diversity and solidifying the role of free speech on campus.

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Washington University School of Medicine commits $100 million to scholarships

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis will devote $100 million to scholarships over the next ten years, the University announced Tuesday.

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Op-Ed: Spare some change, Wash. U.?

The weight of financial insufficiency bled into my academic and social performance, and it is still an obstacle I am learning to overcome. For students carrying socioeconomic burdens, this too is the legacy of Chancellor Wrighton.


‘Our moral responsibility’: Martin on need-blind admissions

Previously, Martin was the dean of the College of Literature, Sciences, and Arts at the University of Michigan, a need-blind institution. In line with his experiences at Michigan, Martin said he wants to make need-blind admissions a top priority at Washington University.

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Get your money’s worth: Another year, another tuition hike

Last week, students and parents received an email notifying them of another raise in tuition at Washington University.

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Wrighton: Need-blind ‘an ideal that we can work towards’

Chancellor Wrighton said that Washington University’s adoption of need-blind admissions is “an ideal we can work towards” in a recent interview with Student Life.

Curran Neenan | Staff Reporter

Students studying abroad should not pay Wash. U. tuition

Wash. U. encourages students to study abroad, but does not match that enthusiasm with appropriate financial policies. If the University wants to live up to its word of ensuring that students have a well-rounded college experience and compete with other peer institutions, Wash. U. should not force students to pay University tuition while studying abroad.

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Tuition forum talks financial aid, avoids discussion of adjunct compensation

Administrators discussed plans to increase need-based financial aid while remaining need-aware at Monday night’s Student Union tuition forum. Upper-level administrators presented information about tuition increases and socioeconomic diversity efforts before a question-and-answer session.

Sam Flaster | Staff Reporter

Pell news should not be taken for granted, but concerns remain

While the administration dragged its feet for many years coming up with a plan, it is encouraging to see the University making strides to improve this glaring blemish on its record. This marks the first time Wash. U. has set concrete goals, and it comes after The New York Times in consecutive summers publicly took the University to task for standing out among elite universities for its dearth of low-income students.

Forum discusses tuition, financial aid

Washington University’s 3.6-percent tuition increase from the last academic year to this one was the lowest in 60 years, Barb Feiner, vice chancellor of finance and chief financial officer, said at Monday night’s Tuition Forum.

Sam Weien | Staff Reporter

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