Black History Month: Notable moments since the first Black Manifesto

In the second part of our two-part series on key moments in Washington University’s Black history, we will examine events from the 1968 publication of the first Black Manifesto through the present day.

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CDI leaders reflect on five years at Washington University, discuss plans for future

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion celebrated its fifth anniversary, with a ceremony in Tisch Commons, concluding Washington University’s Day of Dialogue & Action Feb. 19.

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‘What Ferguson Means to Me’ addresses the lived experiences of locals in a nationwide crisis

The Michael Brown case and the politics behind the Delmar Divide were among some of the topics discussed during “What Ferguson Means to Me,” a panel discussion hosted by the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement Sept. 17.

Grace Gore | Contributing Reporter

‘What does Ferguson mean to me?’: Connecting the community over difficulties

Although the Ferguson shooting occurred before current Washington University undergraduate students came to the campus, the conversations regarding systemic racism that ensued continue to be relevant to and affect the Wash. U. and Greater St. Louis communities as well as the nation at large. That is why the Gephardt Institute of Civic and Community Engagement is holding the event “New in the Lou: What Does Ferguson Mean to Me?” on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.

Elia/Longyu Zhang | Contributing Writer

‘What does Ferguson mean to me?’: Connecting the community over difficulties

As last month marked the fifth anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, Washington University decided to commemorate the Ferguson Uprising and open a dialogue regarding how Brown’s death and the demonstrations that followed relate to students today.

Elia/Longyu Zhang | Contributing Writer

‘In St. Louis’ series aims to explore relationship between Washington University and larger community

Designed to start larger conversations surrounding the relationship between Washington University and St. Louis, the newly-launched ‘In St. Louis’ initiative will dedicate its inaugural year to the five-year anniversary of the Ferguson protests in response to the shooting of Mike Brown and their effects on the community.

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‘The Hate U Give:’ A memoir for life in St. Louis

It saddened me, this scene, this movie, that although it was fiction, it was the reality for black America. The scenes were so vivid and frighteningly realistic that I had forgotten I was watching a movie until the end, and that was the goal.

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Students, administration express anger, disappointment after Stockley verdict

Washington University students and faculty expressed a range of emotions Friday after Jason Stockley, a white former St. Louis police officer, was found not guilty of murdering Anthony Lamar Smith, a 24-year-old black man, in December 2011.

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Black Anthology focuses on awareness of racial issues, college student experience

Black Anthology focused on the importance of staying aware of racial issues post-Ferguson in its performances this weekend. This year’s production, titled “woke,” depicted the hardships and adversity African-Americans experience on a daily basis on predominantly white campuses.

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Presentation on Black Lives Matter movement draws crowd of Princeton students

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A Washington University professor spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement and the media depiction of the black community as part of the City Seminar colloquium, an annual event designed to discuss urbanization and urban issues.

Keona Kalu | Contributing Reporter

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