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An open letter from physics

The Washington University physics department recognized the need for action and convened an emergency faculty meeting regarding the publications. The department formed a Workplace Climate and Diversity Committee to spearhead department-wide efforts at reform, not only to properly react to past allegations but to proactively improve departmental climate for the future.

The Physics Department Workplace Climate and Diversity Committee

Letter to the editor: In response to ‘Physics department looks to add female faculty’

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I spent two years taking undergraduate upper division classes, several more years studying for my Ph.D. and then almost three years as a post doc researcher in the Washington University physics department. It was a good place to be a woman.

Lilly Canel | Class of 1992

Physics department looks to add female faculty

In the 13 years that Mark Alford has been the chair of Washington University’s physics department, few women have held a tenured or tenure-track professorship. Currently, that number is zero.

| Senior News Editor

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