Woods-Smith Center for Making Moral Decisions to open next spring

Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced Monday that the Woods-Smith Center for Making Moral Decisions will open on campus for the spring 2011 semester.

Bob Blagojevich | News Reporter

Mascot change: Quack, Quack, Quack! Here come the DUCs

After countless years and 18 NCAA Division III championships as the Washington University Bears, the University announced this week that it’s ditching the beast in favor for something less imposing and more applicable to the school—the DUCs.

Lars Lars Pansonfars | Avian Biologist

Career Center encourages students to apply for positions with SFA (Strip For America)

The Washington University Career Center is encouraging students to consider joining a recently established organization, Strip For America (SFA). SFA founder Ivanna Gonaked describes the great shortage of good strippers in America: “A lot of people have this misperception that there are good strippers across the country, but that’s just not true.

Angel Spanks | Pole Beat Reporter

Professors and staff to undergo caveman sensitivity training

Chancellor Wrighton announced earlier this week that all Washington University employees will be required to attend sensitivity training after a professor made a prejudicial statement in front of his class.

Diane Lee O’Neder | Gecko in Residence

Student Life Interactive Sex Survey 2010

The interactive charts feature responses from Student Life’s annual sex survey. The survey was sent to the entire undergraduate student body, and more than 1,600 complete responses were submitted.

Some like it kinky: A look into the Alternative Lifestyle Association

The Alternative Lifestyle Association (ALA) is Washington University’s main club for everything kinky, but there is more to the club than just rope and leather. “We are a sex-ed group that is kink friendly,” said senior Kourtney Imburgia, the group’s president. “We focus on alternative sexualities in our meeting and discussions.

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Texts from Last Night: Wash. U. style

The following excerpts represent our take on Texts from Last Night, á la Wash. U.

(314): I had to touch a mannequin’s chest in human anatomy today. It was the most action I’ve gotten in weeks

The Game of Love

For several years, Student Life has relied on photo spreads of Washington University athletes to fill our pages. This year is different. The sports section conducted an informal survey with the athletes we have covered in the past.

| Sports Staff

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