From fruit scraps to lucid dreams: WU fashion seniors express their cultures and passions through one final showcase

Sam Fox’s 92nd Annual Fashion Design Show and Exhibition features the capstone collections of seven seniors pursuing a BFA in fashion design. The students were prompted to develop lines that captured their unique spirits, passions and identities, and seniors Genna Torgan, Mirai Patel and Emma Rubinson surpassed these expectations. The garments—products of the arduous process […]

| Staff Writer

Repurposed through quarantine: WU senior takes fashion school to TikTok

Senior Emma Rubinson is now on the cusp of receiving her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in fashion and is the creator of a TikTok account with just under 110,000 followers, where she shares her extensive knowledge about the inner workings of fashion to the online world.

| Staff Editor

Student Life Contest: Send us your favorite mask

Masks have come in all different designs and material—plain black masks, crocheted masks, superhero masks, tie-dyed masks. We even hear there are South 40 masks swirling around out there. Whatever it looks like, we want to see yours.

| Senior Scene Editor

Wardrobe Watch: Why you should still be dressing normally at home

A major part of staying sane during this crisis is to retain some sense of normalcy.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

What to wear to make a strong first date impression

It’s about that time of the semester when actually getting up in the morning and getting dressed is an impossible struggle.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

Wardrobe Watch: How to properly care for your clothes

Having a full and healthy wardrobe can be expensive. It’s as much of an investment as a car, a house or any other big-ticket item. As such, it is important to treat your clothes with respect and care and not let them wear away out of neglect. In the end, the worse you treat your clothes, the more you’ll have to spend replacing items. Beyond just washing, folding and hanging, there is a lot more you should be doing to extend the life span of your clothes that doesn’t cost a lot of money or time.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

Tyler’s Wardrobe Watch: Try the quality and cost-effective UNIQLO

There are specific brands I like for particular cool and trendy items, but in terms of basics and essential pieces, I struggled to find a quality and cost-effective place to shop. This was until I was introduced to UNIQLO.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

Fashion on the field: A non-comprehensive ranking of WU sports jerseys

Good sports jerseys are not limited to the pros: our own Washington University Bears have a number of really choice uniforms. I would like to think that I have developed a pretty well-rounded opinion of the sartorial choices of the various Wash. U. teams over the course of my career as a sports reporter and editor, so briefly presented are four of my favorites.

| Staff Reporter

You probably don’t look good in a leather jacket

Honestly, some of these designs I see are just ridiculous: the number of zippers and buttons on your jacket makes you look like a rejected Final Fantasy character.

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

ASA fashion show highlights student fashion, culture

The African Students Association (ASA) showcased the culture of the African continent at its 13th annual fashion show Friday night in the Danforth University Center’s Tisch Commons. Founded in 2005, ASA’s purpose is to educate the Washington University community and the St. Louis community about the breadth of culture found in Africa.

Sabrina Spence | Contributing Writer

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