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WW: 2020’s biggest trend: Sustainable, ethical fashion that’s still stylish

If you’re like me, you like buying a lot of new clothes pretty often. However, while it may be fun to stock up on fun new pieces and refresh your wardrobe, doing so carries a massive cost to more than just your bank account. The fashion industry as it exists today is extremely detrimental to the environment. Textile dyeing is the second-biggest clean water polluter in the world, after oil. In major textile production counties, runoff chemicals from clothing treatments, dying and washing are dumped directly into rivers and oceans. As a result of mass production of cotton and fabric treatment, the fabric dying consumes over 1.3 trillion liters of water per year.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

The fashion intern manual

For all the girls and boys who dream of a lap of fashion luxury and a respectable career, there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind to ensure your success in this cutthroat industry. Follow these rules, and you’re sure to have a positive internship experience.

| Fashion Columnist

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