farmer’s market

Concerning swine: A look at meat at the Midtown Farmers Market

The landscape of healthy and sustainable food can seem impossibly vast—difficult (for some, too difficult) to feasibly navigate. Brands fill the field with buzzwords like “natural,” “organic,” “farm fresh” and on and on, and only some of these words have any real significance.

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Through the city by metro: Taking a day trip to Soulard

d has much more to offer than cheap beads, and it’s easily accessible for anyone with a U-Pass. As the oldest neighborhood in St. Louis, it’s a mix of historic red brick residences and thriving nightlife.

Hanusia Higgins | Staff Writer

The Winter Farmers Market at Schlafly Bottleworks

Need a scented candle? Some gourmet cheese? A hand-crafted ring perhaps? Well, you’re in luck because during select Saturdays this season, St. Louis brewery Schlafly Bottleworks is transforming into a magical Winter Farmers Market where you can get all these delightful treats and more.

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10 activities you have to do before it gets really cold

Winter is not so far away. And in St. Louis, that means anything from endless rainy days to snow to freezing temperatures. Before you bundle up in a North Face jacket and bring snow boots out of storage, try these 10 outdoor activities in the weeks before the cold arrives.

Farmer’s Market

Edison Theater and the Office of Sustainability hosted a Farmer’s Market outside of the DUC on Thursday.

Fabien Champion

Soulard Market: A fresh way to shop

Soulard Market befuddles your senses. Calls of “strawberries!” and “fresh frog legs!” collide and bounce into you. The infinite colors and fragrances swirl so quickly from the stands that you begin to smell the moist greens, yellows and reds of the peppers. What look like ordinary grapes grow to the size of half dollars as you approach the heaped bunches.

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