On the unparalleled agony of watching your team slowly crumble

It will not be easy to say goodbye to the fading stars you love, to find new ones, to return to glory, but you cannot find peace by avoiding life.

Grady Nance | Contributing Writer

The unlikely return of baseball glory

That baseball has persisted in spite of the lack of crowds is incredibly unlikely and even more exciting.

Josh Shapiro | Senior Sports Editor

What could have been: The banging sports weekend that never was

Looking at the schedule of the season that never was, this would have been an excellent weekend in WU sports.

| Senior Sports Editor

A letter of sympathy to Cardinals fans

Dear Cardinals fans, We’re very alike, you and I. Just as your hearts bleed for the Cardinals, my veins throb and pulse to the Bronx Bomber beat.

| Sports Reporter

Spirited Wash. U. fans spice up San Antonio

23 students might not sound like a lot compared to Wash. U.’s undergraduate population of more than 6,000, but they made their presence felt at the Women’s Soccer Championship game in San Antonio.

| Senior Sports Editor

The 411 on Wash. U. sports

One national championship. Four top five finishes. Fifteen teams in NCAA action and nine University Athletic Association championships. Get the facts on WU sports.

| Senior Sports Editor

Men’s Basketball Finals 2009: Fan Photos

Fan photographs from the 2009 Men’s Basketball Final Four in Salem, VA.

| Special to Student Life

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