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Tomato ban respectable, despite lack of input

As the tomato ban is finally broken by the coming harvest season, we can rejoice, both at the wondrous fruit’s return and at the prospect of waning our coverage on this high-interest topic. But before we conclusively turn the page on the great tomato embargo of 2009-10, we’d like to ask you to reflect on how it’s affected you. First: has it really affected you?

As tomatoes return, bananas depart

Across campus, students can be heard rejoicing the imminent and long-awaited return of tomatoes to campus. Now these same students have a new food item to miss: bananas. Students began to notice the absence of this fruit staple after spring break. After a switchover last year, Dining Services has offered students only Fair Trade bananas, but as of late has run into problems with the vendor.

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