Facebook Love: “It’s Complicated”

We’re all starting to care much more about what we’re posting online. In college, when dating can almost always be summed up by “It’s Complicated,” what exactly is Facebook dating etiquette?

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The breakup that wasn’t

Relationships in college often go undefined; it’s surprisingly easy to go on 10 dates with someone without considering yourselves a couple, or you could be dating your significant other for a year without having ever gone on a date. We tend to avoid labels at all costs—but without labels, how do we know if we are or aren’t together?

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‘The Social Network’

“The Social Network” lives up to its hype as a must see movie and reminds the viewer how important Facebook is to everyday life.

| Cadenza Editor

Want to hear a joke?

While perusing Facebook today, I came across a group that a number of my friends “like.” The page presents a query more or less on par with the questions of God’s existence and what happens to the light in the fridge when you close the door. If the question “Why do women buy watches when there’s a clock on the oven?

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The sense of the Census

I would like to take a moment to wish you a happy belated Census Day. Okay, this holiday is not official, but merely a day that Congress and the Census Bureau decided to commemorate in order to encourage people to send in their Census forms. Here’s a shocker for those of you who know how in tune I am with politics: I haven’t managed to send in my form yet.

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The future of social networking

Social networking has no doubt changed the way college students interact. Information is shared more frequently, relationships are easier to sustain and knowledge is spread at unprecedented speeds. From sharing photos to dating, social networking sites have transformed cultural norms that were once taken for granted.

| Forum Editor

Mid-semester Facebook update

A Facebook newsfeed look into the updates on the Washington University campus of the past half semester.

‘You mean you’re supposed to write on the wall?’

My family had two important milestones this weekend. The first was my little brother’s bar mitzvah. For those of you who have somehow spent at least a semester at Wash. U. without learning about this Jewish rite of passage, that means that my 13-year-old brother is now officially considered an adult…at least according to Judaism. Legally, thankfully, still not so much.

| Forum Editor

The new trend to unfriend

The New Oxford American Dictionary recently announced that the 2009 Word of the Year is “unfriend,” meaning “to remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site.” But immediately after this new word was unveiled, loyal Facebook users stormed Internet forums, many of them arguing that “defriend” is the more appropriate verb.

| Scene Regular Features Editor

The last six weeks at Wash. U. via Facebook

Washington University semester in review Facebook news feed.

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