Anonymous Facebook groups: An attributed commentary

Like many a Wash. U. undergraduate, I have recently become addicted to the set of anonymous Facebook pages like “Wash U Confessions” and “Wash U Admirers” that purportedly detail the unspoken thoughts of students around campus.

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Spring W.I.L.D. to test new format

With its largest production of the year happening in less than a month, the new group tasked with running the majority of Washington University’s largest concerts and shows is reworking its reveal process and plans for spring W.I.L.D.

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Facebook’s double secret democracy thingy

’Tis the season…to vote? Facebook recently sent out an email to all of its users informing them that it would be holding a vote on proposed changes to its Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. You have until Dec. 10 to vote on the changes, which also includes voting on whether or not you will be able to continue voting on changes.

Facebook’s ‘Female Trouble’

Last Wednesday, a crowd of protesters descended on Facebook’s Madison Avenue office, demanding that everyone’s favorite shame-sharing platform diversify its board of directors to include women. The protestors, organized by the advocacy group Ultraviolet, delivered a petition signed by 53,000 non-gender specific persons, or approximately .

Exploring the effects of ‘Slacktivism”

You get out of your classes for the day, return to your room, lie down on the bed with your Macbook and get on Facebook. Scrolling down the screen a bit, a video on your newsfeed catches your eye. After three minutes and fifteen seconds of learning about the newest social controversy, you like the video, repost it to your status, and continue perusing the Internet.


Surely you’ve seen them. Someone posts a link from the popular website #WHATSHOULDWECALLME on someone else’s Facebook wall. It’s a seemingly universal action with a clever GIF, or animated photo, attached to it. For example, “WHEN YOURE THE ONLY ONE OF YOUR ROOMMATES WHOS DRUNK” and a GIF of Jemaine from “Flight of the Conchords” dancing.

The rise of generation ‘F’

I have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Google+, Spotify, Turntable.fm, Bonfyre and Pinterest accounts. Although I’ll be the first to admit that my online social life may be slightly excessive, I doubt my experience is uncommon.

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Wash. U. problems signifies some problems

A recent StudLife column entitled, “#washuproblem? Get over it,” stirred up much criticism among Wash. U. students who have understandably taken a liking to this student-created Twitter/Facebook craze.

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How to avoid studying during reading week

From creative ways to motivate yourself to guilty pleasures for procrastination, here are Scene’s suggestions for spending time over Reading Week.

Too much programming? Or too much noise?

So you’re in a student group. You’re bringing an awesome speaker to talk on campus, you’re hosting a panel and serving some tasty ethnic food, you have a whole week planned where you’re promoting awareness of an interesting topic or your group is putting on a cool performance. Great! That sounds like something a whole lot of people would like to see!

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