Increase in parking prices hits Wash. U. where it hurts

With two new academic buildings, a glass welcome center, more green areas, a maker space—allowing students to develop and test new technologies or projects—and a dining space that isn’t Stanley’s or Etta’s (as much as we love chili dogs, we support the choice to mix it up every so often), the east end expansion proposal gives us a lot to get excited about. It also leaves a lot to be desired, particularly when it comes to decreased parking availability.

Trustees approve plan for major campus expansion

The University intends to do this by adding two new academic buildings, Jubel Hall and Weil Hall, as well as green spaces, an underground parking garage and two glass buildings: a designated welcome center for admissions and a building the administration has tentatively titled “The Hub,” which is slated to feature dining spaces, showers, changing rooms and academic programming.

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Sam Fox School eyes new building expansion

Off-campus studios that currently house the work of several architecture graduate students may not be needed as soon as spring 2016.

Preliminary plans are in place to add an 80,000-square-foot building to the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts in place of the current parking spaces near the school.

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University hopes to sustain size of freshman class in expansion

Bigger may be better for Washington University: administrators recently revealed plans to admit classes the size of this year’s 1,765-member freshman class for the next several years until the undergraduate population reaches a total enrollment of 7,000.

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With expansion of Wash. U. class sizes, bigger isn’t always better

For many applicants to Washington University, the school’s small-to-medium size is a huge advantage on the college pros and cons list. Smaller colleges offer more individualized education—you aren’t just a face in the crowd. You have the advantage of taking smaller classes, knowing your professors personally and getting opportunities for a customized education. At a smaller college, you are part of a community—even though it’s impossible to know everyone at Wash. U., you will see lots of familiar faces walking around campus.

Lofts demonstrate larger concern with Washington University’s place in the city

While we may tend to focus on micro-issues and grumbles with the building itself, like the strange accent walls or the exposed ceilings, the Lofts are indicative of a much larger and overlooked subject: how the Lofts represent Wash. U.’s desire to expand without consideration for the city that houses it.

The Ivory Soapbox: An insider’s opinion on Loop expansion

I have lived on the Delmar Loop in University-owned housing—University Terrace, to be specific—for more than a year and a half. In that time, I have grown fiercely attached to the Loop.

No longer just a truck, Seoul Taco opens doors

Korean-Mexican fusion enthusiasts no longer have to buy their meals from a vendor on four wheels. Hungry young locals crammed into a tiny new restaurant location of the popular St. Louis-based food truck, Seoul Taco, at the Melville storefront’s grand opening Wednesday.

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Loop chairman steps down

The man behind the Delmar Loop revitalization is stepping down from his job as chairman of the board of the Loop Special Business District. Joe Edwards, the owner of Blueberry Hill, the Pin-Up Bowl, the Tivoli Theatre, the Pageant and the Moonrise Hotel publicly announced his resignation last week.

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Hands-on learning expands into St. Louis

The Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department (WGSS) is expanding its course offerings to include many more community-based learning classes.
Although service-learning classes are offered in many different areas through all of Washington University’s schools, WGSS is specifically institutionalizing community-based learning in its curriculum.

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