The beefcake’s guide to AC etiquette

So you want to get huge? This isn’t a job for the South 40 Fitness Center. You won’t make gains prancing on an elliptical. You need to head over to the Athletic Complex weight room where the big boys play.

Sports Staff

A proposal for the best college workout

As a college student, your number-one priority as a gym “bro” is to look good. Good enough to wear a tank top whenever, pull off 50 pushups at your next party or run shirtless through campus. Most of you probably think you have this under control, but perhaps, you’re feeling a bit uneducated. Here’s a five-step guide for achieving the perfect “bro bod.”

| Staff Columnist

Five simple exercises to improve your sex life

So, you already broke your New Years Resolution and haven’t been to the gym since January. The strenuous Washington University workload has stripped you of your motivation for anything other than schoolwork, so you’re looking for that extra incentive to hit the gym. Luckily for you, we have provided five exercises that will help you perform better between the sheets and make it a superior experience for you and your partner.

Aaron Brezel | Sports Editor

Getting back in the swing of things

For many Wash. U. students, three weeks of break is not enough. Just when that knot in your upper back starts to relax and that nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach fades away with the memory of final exams, you have to go back to school and start it all over again. It […]

| Senior Scene Editor

Traveling: A real pain in the neck

When finals are done and papers are handed in, whether you are headed home or to St. Barths for winter break, chances are you are doing it with a smile on your face. That is, until pain strikes. For many travelers, the process can be a real pain in the neck—both figuratively and literally. Between […]

| Health Columnist

Bikram Yoga: What’s hot right now

I push myself off from the ground, sweat dripping down my brow, my back, my arms and my legs. I take a deep breath as I stare at myself in the mirror. My flushed face and focused eyes stare back at me, determined to finish the 90-minute stretch and sweat session.

| Health Columnist

Abs like Phelps’

The seemingly ubiquitous love affair with Michael Phelps doesn’t stop at his swimming capabilities—oh, no, that’s just the start. We are captivated by his every move—his boyish smile, his poised remarks and we can’t forget his eight-pack abs.

| Health Columnist

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