Beyond WILD: Entertainment events on campus you should look forward to

Sometimes you need a little more than a house party to fulfill your weekend needs. Variety is the spice of life, folks.

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Too much programming? Or too much noise?

So you’re in a student group. You’re bringing an awesome speaker to talk on campus, you’re hosting a panel and serving some tasty ethnic food, you have a whole week planned where you’re promoting awareness of an interesting topic or your group is putting on a cool performance. Great! That sounds like something a whole lot of people would like to see!

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Three ways to get in the Halloween spirit

Skimpy clothing without the judgment, chocolate without the guilt, and partying without a legitimate reason– all the things we love about this spooky holiday.

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Eight things to look forward to this fall

After spending the summer in cities like New York, London, Paris or LA, the flight back to St. Louis can feel like a one-way ticket to the boonies. But the truth is, fall is an incredible time to be in our fair city.

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Things we didn’t get

What does September 11, 2001, mean for our generation—for those of us currently around college age? How did we experience those events that in the minds of many mark a paradigmatic shift in national and world history? When we were 13 or 12 or 11 or 10 years of age, what did the most massive terrorist attack we have seen, upon the nation in which we lived, mean to us?

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Take a break from studying for some worthwhile events

We were gratified to see Graham Chapel’s seats filled this past Thursday for Matisyahu’s phenomenal performance. Given the amount of work we all have around this time, it’s great to see our fellow students prioritizing extra-curriculars beyond drinking. As the semester enters its most stressful period, so many exciting events are coming to campus.

Fall events in St. Louis

The first few weeks of the semester are jam-packed with events happening on and off campus—keep on top of everything happening in St. Louis with this handy list.

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