Technological ethics should be taught at WU

We need to start truly educating the next generation of thinkers and innovators.

Joshua Shapiro | Contributing Writer

Sean Penn’s message overlooked amidst journalism critiques

Sean Penn earned the ire of journalists around the world when Rolling Stone published his article “El Chapo Speaks,” in which he told the story of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Journalists take issue with the article largely on the grounds of journalistic ethics: a condition of the article’s publication was Guzman’s approval.

Ethan Kerns | Staff Writer

Cheating vs. ethical laziness

At Monday’s Controversy n’ Coffee forum, “Am I cheating? A special forum on academic integrity,” Dean Dirk Killen said that every year the College of Arts & Sciences hears about 20-25 honor code violations.

The purpose of Controversy N’ Coffee is not aggressive retaliation

In light of your open letter to Professor Peter Benson (“A response to Peter Benson,” Oct. 2), we feel that it is necessary to state the position of Controversy n’ Coffee, as a student group dedicated to fostering dialogue in the Wash. U. community.

Mariana Oliver and Eliana Wilk

We’re not quite adults, but we should be treated as such

And outside the ethical implications of not treating students like adults, there is an even more serious social-justice aspect to the question.

Dylan Suher | Op-ed Submission

Cutting the Center for Ethics a regrettable, responsible decision

Last Spring, we made a policy prescription for the Washington University administration, given a newly anemic endowment and the resulting diminished operating budget. In a staff editorial published on April 28, 2009, we wrote, “Any changes in the operating budget should prioritize internal well-being above public image.” We stand by this statement now as we […]

A welcome from the 2009-2010 editorial board

By the time this first issue of Student Life meets your eyes, you will have discovered that change is in the air as we enter the fall semester of 2009. Physically, the South 40 is in transition as new buildings replace old ones and for the first time in recent memory the words “Bear’s Den” […]

You’ve Got Issues: The Ethics of Science

John McCain The Bush administration has consistently opposed legislation that would end funding restrictions on stem cell research. With the upcoming presidential election, many voters are wondering, “Would John McCain continue the scientific policies of President George W. Bush?” The answer is still up for debate. Acting as the “maverick” that many have referred to […]

| Scene Reporter

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