More than medicine: The life of an EST member

WashU’s student-run Emergency Support Team is a tough organization to be in physically, academically and emotionally — but this is part of what helps the members bond so closely, according to EST Field Director senior Christine Kuehn.

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‘A step in the right direction’: WU expands medical amnesty policy to include drugs

Washington University expanded its medical amnesty and active bystander protocol to now include the possession or use of drugs in addition to alcohol last week. “When a student seeks aid for an individual experiencing an alcohol or other drug-related emergency by contacting emergency services, such as the Emergency Support Team (EST), the patient and the […]

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EST announces reduced hours, new safety protocols for fall semester

This semester, the Washington University Emergency Support Team (EST) will no longer provide 24/7 service due to new COVID-19 protocols. Starting Sept. 28, EST will operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Although the first day of class took place Sept. […]

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Student groups seek signatures for this year’s round of block funding petitions

Emergency Support Team, Campus Y, Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Habitat for Humanity have all circulated petitions for block funding from SU for the 2020-2021 academic year.

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Student groups petition to receive block funding

Each of the groups petitioning—Uncle Joe’s, Emergency Support Team (EST), Lucidity, Campus Y, Bear Discounts and WUnderground—must receive 1,071 signatures, fifteen percent of the student body, by Feb. 22. Then, their budget is voted on by the student body in the SU spring election. If it passes with a two-thirds student vote, their petition is funded.

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Alcohol education initiative prompts further discussion of WU’s policies

Washington University participated in National Alcohol Screening Day, an initiative that provides outreach, education and screening to raise awareness about harmful drinking behaviors, April 6.

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EST receives accreditation recognizing achievement in preparedness

The Washington University Emergency Support Team was recognized with two honors from the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation, receiving the “Striving for Excellence Award” as well as receiving recognition as an “EMS Ready Campus” Feb. 25.

Olivia Szymanski | News Editor

Petitions for SU block funding open

In advance of Student Union’s general budget session, four student groups have chosen to apply for block funding: Habitat for Humanity, Campus Y, Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Emergency Support Team.

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A Q&A with Washington University’s Emergency Support Team

On any given Friday or Saturday night, it’s easy to spot Washington University’s student-run, Emergency Support Team (EST) making its way around campus in its trademark Ford Escape labeled “EST” in large white letters. Especially on the weekend of WILD, EST is dedicated to safety. Student Life spoke with senior Jennifer Akin, the president of EST.

Jon Wingens | Contributing Writer

Alcohol ban an ineffective solution to a bigger problem

What perhaps seems on the surface to be a reasonable measure to curb the abuse of alcohol on the South 40 instead reeks of heavy-handed forcefulness on the part of Residential Life administration, to likely little effect.

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