Astronaut talks plans for future

Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to go to space, spoke in Graham Chapel on Saturday about her time with the astronaut program and her work with the 100 Year Starship program.

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Butter battle brings new crowds to annual EnWeek

With only a large tub of butter each and clay tools, nine teams of Washington University students competed in WUChurn’s first butter-sculpting competition on Wednesday as part of Engineers Week (EnWeek).

Elizabeth Graham | Contributing Reporter

TV host alumna speaks about unconventional career paths

Blowing up airplanes on television is not what Deanne Bell first envisioned for her career. But the Washington University alumna has never taken a conventional approach to engineering. More than 100 students and community members attended her Friday-night lecture that marked the end of EnWeek, the annual weeklong event held to promote engineers on campus and beyond.

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VIDEO: EnPageant comes back

As part of EnWeek this week, the Engineering Student Council revived EnPageant, a talent and beauty contest between male student representatives of each of the Engineering School’s departments.

Male engineers showcase talent and beauty in EnPageant

To the unknowing passerby, the rowdy scene in McMillan Café on Wednesday evening might have resembled an unrehearsed, B-rated drag show. But the seven young men strutting around in dresses were no drag queens—they were contestants in the Mr. Engineering Pageant (EnPageant).

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Engineers bring drag, catapults and glory to campus with EnWeek 2010

Junior Caroline Fernandez is on a quest—a quest to bring one marginalized group of students to the forefront of the Washington University population. OK, so “marginalized” might be a bit dramatic, but this group is certainly subject to stereotypes and misconceptions. “Engineers are not just nerds,” Fernandez said. “Engineers do other things…We’re human, too!

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