Treasury chooses Trending Topics Speakers

Student Union has selected five guest speakers for its 2018-2019 Trending Topics series after narrowing down a list of 21 candidates Sunday.

Aiden Blinn | News Editor

Staff editorial: Trending Topics lineup still impressive despite budget cuts

The past two years have proven that by working with student groups, Trending Topics can bring a breadth of solid, diverse and interesting speakers to campus; and if it continues along this trajectory, the series will become a vital institution at Wash. U.

The Green Cup’s strengths, potential and limitations

Student Life ran an article today regarding the Green Cup, its viability going forward, and whether or not students will continue the gains they made during the four weeks in February.

| Forum Editor

Environmentalism and the arts

Picasso is well known for his Blue Period, but can contemporary art sustain a Green Period? On Wednesday at 4 p.m., speakers from Washington University and the local community will meet to discuss the relationship between the arts and the environment. Those who attend will participate and guide the discussion.

| Senior Scene Editor

WUCJA receives award from Sierra Club

The Washington University Climate Justice Alliance (WUCJA) received the Joseph Barbosa Award last week, a national award from the Sierra Club that recognizes outstanding environmental efforts of contributors under the age of thirty.

| Contributing Reporter

Take your activism into the “real world”

Diversity seems to be the topic that really affected me more than most during my time here at the University. Many people have come up to me recently and asked me where my passion for diversity comes from.

Fernando Cutz | Senior Class President

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