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Rooted in St. Louis: The Ethnobotanical Work of Professor Memory Elvin-Lewis

Many years later, having dedicated her life to the study of medicinal plants both in the Amazon and across the world, Memory Elvin-Lewis looks back on her time in Peru with fondness. “It was a wonderful adventure, just a totally excellent and super adventure, and I miss it every day.”

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A 21st-century Environmental Studies program

The modernization of the Environmental Studies program through the creation of three majors—environmental biology, environmental earth sciences and environmental policy—will help Washington University remain a leader in higher education.

WU to divide env. studies program into three majors

Major changes are coming to the environmental studies program at Washington University. The program will be divided into three new majors: environmental biology and environmental earth sciences, which are pending final approval, and environmental social science, which is still in development.

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Environmental Studies major endangered

Another major might soon bite the dust. Students, faculty and administrators met last Wednesday in a town hall forum to clear up confusion regarding the fragile future of the environmental studies program. With the departure of three professors in the field, the program’s structure is currently under review.

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A call for upgrades to environmental studies program

Dissatisfied with the variety of courses offered in the environmental studies program, a senior majoring in the subject turned in a five-page paper to the dean of Arts & Sciences explaining what Washington University could do to improve the the program. The author, Kady McFadden, expressed three concerns in the report.

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The long answer to ‘How was your summer?’

As an environmental studies major (social sciences track—got to keep my sanity as the prototypical Wash. U. pre-med), it was always my dream to intern or work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I had no idea I would get the opportunity right after freshman year. Interning at the EPA this summer, I learned the […]

Avanti Puri

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