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Op-ed: West Lake and the slow violence of unfounded fear

Forbearance is defined as: patient self-control; restraint and tolerance. Such a lack of forbearance has been demonstrated by those on and off our campus who casually dismiss scientific and medical consensus surrounding the effects of radiation on human health.

Suzanne Loui, Ph.D., Lee Sobotka, Ph.D. | Lecturer of Environmental Studies, Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Letter to the Editor

The Donald Trump administration’s denial of climate change, gutting of the Environmental Protection Agency and intent to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement is threatening to us as students, faculty and alumni.

Ryan Kennerknecht | Brown School of Social Work Class of 2018

University should take its own sustainability pledge

On Jan. 24, Washington University released a new pledge in an effort to help students go green (formally called a “pledge for sustainability.”) Designed to encourage students and staff to consider their environmentally harmful decisions and make changes accordingly, the pledge calls for participants to reduce their carbon footprints. We commend this pledge, as we would any effort to promote responsible sustainability and reduce waste.

WU law clinic forces change to EPA lead rules

The Environmental Protection Agency set new standards for airborne lead levels on Oct. 15 following legal action of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic at Washington University, on behalf of the Missouri town of Herculaneum. The Missouri Coalition for the Environment requested that the clinic (IEC) represent it in the case against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

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