Astronaut talks plans for future

Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to go to space, spoke in Graham Chapel on Saturday about her time with the astronaut program and her work with the 100 Year Starship program.

| Senior News Editor

Getting dizzy at Vertigo

An exhilarating combination of lights, music and atmosphere converged in Lopata Gallery this weekend at Vertigo, a dance party sponsored by EnCouncil. While Vertigo is a storied tradition at Washington University, this year’s iteration included several new elements, resulting in an entirely fresh experience.

| Senior Scene Editor

Male engineers showcase talent and beauty in EnPageant

To the unknowing passerby, the rowdy scene in McMillan Café on Wednesday evening might have resembled an unrehearsed, B-rated drag show. But the seven young men strutting around in dresses were no drag queens—they were contestants in the Mr. Engineering Pageant (EnPageant).

| Contributing Reporter

Engineers bring drag, catapults and glory to campus with EnWeek 2010

Junior Caroline Fernandez is on a quest—a quest to bring one marginalized group of students to the forefront of the Washington University population. OK, so “marginalized” might be a bit dramatic, but this group is certainly subject to stereotypes and misconceptions. “Engineers are not just nerds,” Fernandez said. “Engineers do other things…We’re human, too!

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