Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown Talks Identity and Empathy

TV personality, talk show host, and children’s author Karamo Brown, known for his roles on the “Karamo Show” and Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” spoke at Washington University as a part of the Social Programming Board’s (SPB) Trending Topic Lecture Series on Nov. 28. 

| Junior News Editor

Stop giving the South the cold shoulder

No, with Tweets and comments from people in chillier regions telling Texans to suck it up and other general minimizations of the situation, it’s clear to see that some hearts have also been frozen over.

| Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: As spring begins, enter with empathy

That’s why we ask that the Washington University community starts this spring with an important goal in mind—to remain empathetic.

Staff Editorial: This fall only works if we work together, let’s rise to the occasion

If the University community wishes to partake in that privilege, however, we cannot ignore the responsibility that accompanies the realities of an in-person semester.

WU psychology professor discusses misconceptions about empathy

There is a striking disconnect between how the term “empathy” is used in popular culture and the scientific, psychological construct of empathy, Washington University Associate Professor of Psychological & Brain Science Alan Lambert says.

Ali Gold | Senior Editor

Wishing everyone safety during this pandemic. Yes, everyone.

Do we have to love someone to want them happy and free and alive?

Dakotah Jennifer | Staff Writer

Op-ed submission: The bias of empathy

Calls for empathy will go unanswered and largely unfulfilled if we first do not understand the barriers to empathizing with people different from ourselves.

Sunidhi Singh | Class of 2017

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