Emergency Support Team

‘A step in the right direction’: WU expands medical amnesty policy to include drugs

Washington University expanded its medical amnesty and active bystander protocol to now include the possession or use of drugs in addition to alcohol last week. “When a student seeks aid for an individual experiencing an alcohol or other drug-related emergency by contacting emergency services, such as the Emergency Support Team (EST), the patient and the […]

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WUSM partners with BJC to administer COVID-19 vaccine doses to qualified undergraduate, graduate groups

As vaccinations against the novel coronavirus have begun distribution and administration across the country, Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) and BJC Healthcare have played a role in the incolutation process.

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A Q&A with Washington University’s Emergency Support Team

On any given Friday or Saturday night, it’s easy to spot Washington University’s student-run, Emergency Support Team (EST) making its way around campus in its trademark Ford Escape labeled “EST” in large white letters. Especially on the weekend of WILD, EST is dedicated to safety. Student Life spoke with senior Jennifer Akin, the president of EST.

Jon Wingens | Contributing Writer

Find additional funding for EST

The Emergency Support Team, better known as EST to the rest of us, is one of the main lines of defense on Wash. U.’s campus against our occasional mishaps. This leads us to question why Student Health Services (SHS) would cut EST funding by $8,000.

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