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Together, on and off the court: How WU’s married women’s basketball coaches make it work

By tapping into the trust they have for each other off the court, Randi and Duez Henderson have been able to make difficult choices without sacrificing their love for one another.

| Senior Sports Editor

Once a bear, always a bear: Madara returns

“When someone is a student of the game and has expertise and enthusiasm, that’s a scary combination,” Director of Athletics Anthony Azama said.

Clara Richards | Contributing Reporter

Women’s soccer stunned: With a single stop, the season was over

“It was a great battle, a heck of a fight with Pomona,” head coach Jim Conlon said as he held back tears. “The ball just didn’t bounce our way today.”

| Senior Sports Editor

St. Louis native Kristina Schmelter looks back on playoff run and the year to come

The Washington University women’s basketball team made it to the Elite Eight last season before falling to the top seed in the NCAA playoffs. I sat down with St. Louis native Kristina Schmelter, one of the team’s two seniors, to talk about her experience on the team and what she expects from the year to come.

| Senior Sports Editor

Volleyball makes Elite Eight

In a weekend full of individual successes and milestones, there was one true winner in the Washington University women’s volleyball team: the team itself.

| Student Life Staff

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