New Student Union VP chosen a week after surprise resignation

Junior Chan Kwon has been announced as Student Union’s new vice president of public relations, replacing junior Brian Benton after the former VP’s surprise resignation last week.

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Student Union’s vice president of public relations resigns from post unexpectedly

In a surprise resignation, junior Brian Benton, Student Union’s vice president of public relations, stepped down from his post earlier this week, citing personal reasons for his departure.

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SU executive Benton, VP of public relations, resigns

Brian Benton, Student Union vice president of public relations, has resigned his post effective immediately, SU announced in a press release Tuesday morning. Benton, a junior, tendered his resignation in a letter on Monday, citing personal reasons. According to SU’s press release, Benton “determined that his time could be more effectively used elsewhere.”

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Greater visibility needed for new Student Union exec

With Elevate! sworn in this past Thursday, we are interested in seeing what parts of its platform the slate plans on following through and what changes will occur within Student Union in the coming year. A primary issue that we see within Student Union now is a general lack of visibility and clarity.

Elevate! wins SU Exec election

Elevate! won election for all five Student Union Exec positions, SU announced Thursday evening. Junior Emma Tyler, former president of Social Programming Board, was elected president and will succeed current president Matt Re later in April.

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Student Union debates draw negligible interest

For the 20 or so people present, things got serious in room 276 of the Danforth University Center Monday night, even as music and laughs could be heard from the “Frozen” movie screening down below. The event was a debate between Connection Slate and Elevate! Slate, the two contesting slates for this year’s Student Union executive board election.

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Why we’re running for Student Union Exec

In light of Student Union elections this coming Wednesday and Thursday, we wanted to introduce ourselves and share why we decided to run. Our slate, Elevate!, is Emma Tyler, Nick Palermo, Vivek Biswas, Brian Benton and Laura Roettges, and together we hope to represent the student body as Student Union Exec for the 2014-15 school year.

Elevate! for Student Union Exec

SU Exec race sees renewed competition while class councils run unopposed

In stark contrast to last year’s ballot, this year the Student Union executive board is contested for all five positions. The competition is between the Elevate! slate led by junior and current Social Programming Board President, Emma Tyler, and the Connection slate, led by Junior Class Council President Will Rawls.

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Student Life endorses Elevate! for SU exec

Student Union executive elections will be held this Wednesday and Thursday, and for the first time in four years, the election is contested. The candidates of both slates—Elevate! and Connection—are coming into the election with a great deal of experience, enthusiasm and ideas. However, after interviewing both slates, Student Life came to the decision that Elevate!

St. Lucia elevates the Gargoyle audience with a memorable show

The first Gargoyle concert of the semester was its best in a long while as Social Programming Board booked St. Lucia for a free show the night of Friday, Feb. 21. St. Lucia is the stage name of Jean-Philip Grobler, a South African musician who currently resides in Brooklyn.

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