Why do I have class tomorrow?

Then, I thought about the fact that less than a week from that day, I’d be feeling the same amount of exhaustion, only with the added stress of being a part of one of the most important elections of my lifetime.

Jamila Dawkins | Forum Editor

The education gap is growing, do your part to close it

We love to boast about the equality of American education, but this is a falsity that in a lot of ways is ignored.

| Managing Editor

Letter to the Editor

The purpose of education is
not to confirm or “validate” your “identity” or feelings—you could do
that at home. It is to expose you to the broad range of human thought, to show you how different people and cultures have approached the fundamental questions of existence.

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

Staff Editorial: On the coronavirus: Do not fall into fear and feed into xenophobia

Making insensitive comments and isolating people can’t be justified by being “afraid” of catching the virus.

U.S. history and civics should be a required college class

Universal suffrage and the overarching impact that government has on all people means that civics should be prioritized.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Op-Ed: Welcome Class of 2023

The purpose of education is to teach you the necessity of thinking for yourself, the necessity of asking critical questions of yourself and of others and how to find perceptive and penetrating questions to ask.

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

Minority Educators of the Future creates space for POC students interested in education

Two educational studies majors established Minority Educators of the Future, a group for students of color who are interested in pursuing careers in education, this spring.

| Staff Reporter

Well, that’s not exactly correct…

It boggles my mind how an academic institution can so blatantly teach inaccurate and deceptive information about our nation’s past. The U.S.’s history is at times complicated, dark and horrifying.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Local drag performers, WU students slay in Pride Alliance drag show

“If you are easily offended, please stay. It’ll make this a lot more interesting,” event emcee Maxi Glamour said. That’s when I knew it would be a great show.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Profiling the upcoming mayoral election

In the next month, Forum will be profiling the upcoming mayoral race in St. Louis, the first election for the position in 16 years to not feature an incumbent. The new mayor will encounter an unprecedented amount of issues in our economically, racially and socially divided city, and we believe it is important to cover this election in these politically turbulent times.

| Senior Forum Editor

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