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Editor’s Note Episode 20: Proposed MO bill threatens protest

In this week’s episode, we explore what’s in a proposed Missouri law and what it would mean for student protesters.

| Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note Episode 19: Students get vaccinated

With vaccine rollout underway in Missouri, freshman Olivia Poolos talks to Senior News Editor junior Em McPhie and freshman Charlotte Kramon about Washington University students who’ve taken long road trips to secure extra doses or nabbed their shots before becoming eligible.

| Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note Episode 17: Black Anthology

This year, the Edison Theater was empty on the weekend of Washington University’s annual Black Anthology production, and audiences all over the world watched BA from their laptops.

| Staff Writer

Editor’s Note episode 16: COVID-19 clusters

Since the start of the spring semester, the University has reported three large clusters of COVID-19 cases and adjudicated at least 117 student conduct cases relating to COVID-19 violations. Listen to freshman Kamala Madireddi discuss the state of COVID on campus with News Editor Orli Sheffey and Senior News Editor junior Ted Moskal.

| Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note Episode 15: Public Safety Committee’s report

More than eight months after Chancellor Andrew Martin announced that Washington University would reimagine public safety both on and off campus, the University Public Safety Committee has released its final report.

| Associate Editor

Editor’s Note Episode 14: Arts make a comeback

With the majority of Washington University’s in-person performances, concerts and exhibitions canceled since early last March, the Student Life arts and entertainment section, Cadenza, has had to reckon with a drastic shift in artistic production and consumption.

| Staff Writer

Editor’s Note Episode 2: WUGWU takes to the streets

This week, we focus on our coverage of the Washington University Undergraduate and Graduate and Workers Union’s (WUGWU)’s recent Workers for Black Lives march in conversations with Student Life staffers and WUGWU members.

| Multimedia Editor

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