‘Surprisingly inevitable’: ‘Spring Awakening’ at Wash. U.

It sounds like a time-traveling episode of “Degrassi”: a group of 19th-century German teenagers sing their way through depression, suicide, incest, abuse and abandonment, to name just a few of their struggles. However, the dress and given date of “Spring Awakening” quickly stifle any further modern-day allusions.

| Theater Editor

Potted Potter Apparates into the Edison on Friday

We all know the story: orphaned Harry learns at age eleven that he is a wizard and gets whisked away to Hogwarts, where his magical life truly begins, but who has time to read all seven books or watch all eight movies while at school? “Potted Potter” gives us all seven “Harry Potter” books and 360 characters in just 70 hilarious minutes.

Elena Wandzilak | Cadenza Reporter

LNYF explores the Year of the Dragon

Although the fireworks took place earlier in the week, a profusion of dance numbers, sparkles and costumes set the crowd of the 16th annual Lunar New Year Festival (LNYF) ablaze with excitement. When the lights dimmed in Edison Theater on Friday and Saturday evenings, students were treated to a three-hour-long sample of both traditional and modern Asian dances.

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Watsky, WU-SLam pack Edison

Host George Watsky performs an original poem Friday night to open the third annual Grand Slam in Edison Theatre. The event, hosted by WU-SLam, packed the 627 seats of the Edison and drew over 1800 live viewers around the world, according to Kuumba.tv, which hosted an online broadcast of the slam.

Theater Review: ‘Metamorphoses’

Mary Zimmerman’s “Metamorphoses,” a play currently showing at the Edison Theatre, challenges a viewer’s relationship with change. Specifically, “Metamorphoses” explores how fundamental human nature, which has remained static for thousands of years, responds to sudden hardship or reward. Furthermore, the play asks the audience to find the lifestyle best suited for confronting unexpected change.

| Theater Editor

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