The baby gloomers

The economy is in all sorts of trouble; some experts believe it’s in a recession, some say a depression, and every now and then you’ll hear some clown say that it’s just fine.

| Staff Columnist

WU professor tells Greece how to turn economy around

“When you give a teenager a credit card with no supervision, they max the debt,” economics professor Costas Azariadis said. “That’s what Greece did.” Azariadis believes that Greece is in a terrible financial position and needs to make large changes to overcome its economic woes.

| News Editor

Memo to Candidates: Tell us your views on these issues

With 6144 students, the undergraduate population of Wash. U. represents a sizable voting block with the ability to influence electoral outcomes in the surrounding legislative districts and statewide.

WU lays off 25 as cuts continue

Washington University’s endowment decline can be seen in visual form around the campus. Stalled or halted construction projects and pay freezes are among those things that have resulted from the endowment decline.

| Senior News Editor

In tough economy, students consider government jobs

The Gephardt Institute for Public Service showcased government jobs in an event on Nov. 10, as students look to government jobs in a tough economic climate.

| Contributing Reporter

Princeton Review places University on 2010 Financial Aid Honor Roll

Earlier this year, the Princeton Review ranked Washington University fourth in the nation for financial aid. The University received the Review’s highest possible score of 99, making it one of 13 colleges placed on the Review’s “2010 Financial Aid Rating Honor Roll.”

| Contributing Reporter

University endowment down 30 percent, further difficulties expected

Washington University’s financial situation has not improved since April, according to an e-mail sent by Chancellor Mark Wrighton Wednesday afternoon.

| Director of New Media

Cutting the Center for Ethics a regrettable, responsible decision

Last Spring, we made a policy prescription for the Washington University administration, given a newly anemic endowment and the resulting diminished operating budget. In a staff editorial published on April 28, 2009, we wrote, “Any changes in the operating budget should prioritize internal well-being above public image.” We stand by this statement now as we […]

Say it ain’t so

Most people would say that the Democrats are taking America down a better road, but they should realize that much of the economic change occurred due to individual transformations. The DOW may be over 9000 (yes, “IT’S OVER 9000!!!”, DBZ fans), but much of the slow revival of the economy is due to people realizing […]

| Forum Editor

A welcome from the 2009-2010 editorial board

By the time this first issue of Student Life meets your eyes, you will have discovered that change is in the air as we enter the fall semester of 2009. Physically, the South 40 is in transition as new buildings replace old ones and for the first time in recent memory the words “Bear’s Den” […]

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