Capitalism does suck, we’re just brainwashed

Capitalism has indeed generated remarkable amounts of wealth, but suggesting that the distribution of said wealth has helped everyone would simply be erroneous.

| Senior Editor

Election issue profile: Economic growth

Economic growth. Perhaps the biggest buzzword in the 2016 presidential race. It influences everything from our personal political affiliations to America’s global interests, such as finding ways to keep manufacturing jobs on American soil and gaining access to rare Pokemon only available outside the U.S.

| Forum Editor

A hundred billion little bits

Bitcoins have had an interesting history. Created in 2009 as a way to circumvent traditional credit agencies and make online transactions cheaper, they have gone on to be the currency of choice for money launderers, people who wish to purchase illicit items and most recently, speculators. For the uninformed, a bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency.

| Staff Writer

Professor gives opinion on future of economy

With the 2012 elections looming, a Washington University professor says increasing partisanship is impeding the government from finding a lasting solution to existing problems.

| News Editor

The case for Obama 2012

My uncle once quoted to me, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re 30, you have no brain.” A conservative, he is probably patiently waiting for naïve liberal me to start griping about the government stealing my money. It is undoubtedly easier to accept paying taxes when they remain an abstract concept.

| Forum Editor

Former economic aide to Obama stresses progressive taxation

Christina Romer, former chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisers, served as the keynote speaker at Washington University’s Livable Lives Initiative’s first public event.

| Contributing Reporter

Population decline in St. Louis to have minimal effects on WU grads

A recent release of 2010 census data showed that the population in St. Louis City had decreased by about 8 percent over the past decade. The figures indicate a total population of 319,294 people, a near 30,000 person decrease from the 2000 census and a reduction by more than half since the 1950s.

| News Editor

Unwilling to budge(t)

Amid the heated rhetoric by both sides of the protests in Wisconsin, it’d be easy to miss the bipartisanship taking place in Washington that President Obama called for in his State of the Union Address.

| Staff Columnist

Obama stresses education to solidify America’s future

President Obama on Tuesday pushed for widespread improvements to the nation’s education system in laying out his vision for improving the country’s future and keeping the economy competitive with growing global powers.

| Enterprise Editor

A little love for the Fed, a little hate on the blowhards

The Fed has recently come under intense scrutiny after it was pressured to release documents detailing where the $3.3 trillion it issued in loans went.

| Forum Editor

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