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Clothed by another nation

So the holiday season is finally behind us. Back to work. Before we know it, spring will be here, and we’ll be forgetting about the cold, dreary weather that seems to suck the life out of people. Hey, there are actual studies that prove this!

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Financial troubles: University prepares for another hard year

In the midst of the worldwide economic crisis, Washington University is dealing with a difficult financial situation of its own. As of the end of May, the University’s endowment is down by 20 to 25 percent.

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Suggestions for operating cost reductions should emphasize internal well-being

Last Thursday, April 23, Chancellor Mark Wrighton gave an address on the “State of the University” for students and faculty. We commend the chancellor for his efforts to engage the community; especially in tough economic times, it is reductions at the margins that will make a difference and save money.

Wrighton, admins discuss WU finances before Edison crowd

More than 100 Washington University students, faculty and staff gathered in Edison Theatre yesterday morning to hear Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton’s “State of the University Address” on the fiscal circumstance of the University.

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Private colleges see fewer applications in tough times

As the current state of the economy forces many families to rearrange their budgets, many private universities are seeing a decline in the number of applicants this year. At small private colleges and universities, the effects of the economy on applications have been significant. Although the number of early decision and early action applicants is […]

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