Drop Knowledge

Student groups to flood campus with collaborative Pakistan relief efforts

Last year, the entire campus came together to raise at least $9,000 for Haiti after an earthquake killed 300,000. These efforts stand in contrast to the student effort after devastating flooding in Pakistan since July.

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Art for art’s sake: Live Art 2010

After the recent Student Union elections, it’s no secret that over-programming has become a significant concern of Washington University students, but one student group will challange the root of this problem by planning an original and creative event with a strong message. Drop Knowledge, a fledgling group that promotes creative thought and action, is hosting Live Art on Saturday, April 17, in the Gargoyle.

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Hip hop against hunger

What does hip-hop have to do with increasing social awareness and alleviating hunger? A diverse group of Washington University students and campus groups will join together to answer this question during “Hip-Hop Against Hunger: A Week of Cultural and Social Awareness,” on Nov. 9-15.

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Drop Knowledge

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