And they were roommates…a sneak peak into the relationship

Whether you went random, met on the Facebook group or knew each other going in—your roommate could end up being your best friend or your worst enemy.

| Senior Scene Editor

An official guide to dorm decor

Having a place to call home in St. Louis is important to making it through the year with your peace of mind intact. It’s amazing what a few minor improvements can do to a room.

| Senior Scene Editor

How to get the best of your housing experience

February fills our calendars with the start of exams and heavier work loads; we remember influential African-Americans during Black History Month; and Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to the couples about how very lucky they are while pushing the rest of us into a depression. In addition, there is one more element to this month that many Wash. U. students find particularly daunting.

| Forum Editor

Roommates from different backgrounds find common ground

Several studies about roommate over the summer fount that interracial roommates can reduce students’ prejudices and broaden their friend circles.

| News Editor

Decorating your dorm room: 101

If you’ve ever dreamed of revamping your room at home but haven’t gotten around to actually cleaning it up, then decorating a brand new space can be a very exciting opportunity. Just remember to keep the following tips in mind.

| Senior Scene Editor

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