Clinton campaign motivates voters with Forward Together bus tour

Students, St. Louis area politicians and St. Louisians gathered at the Missouri History Museum at 2 p.m. on debate day, many holding Clinton-Kaine signs, for the kickoff of the Forward Together bus tour, an initiative by the Democratic National Convention.

| Senior Editor

Tim Kaine: He speaks Spanish, in case you haven’t heard

Tim Kaine is basically your neighborhood church’s mayonnaise-colored youth pastor with an extra dose of social consciousness.

| Senior Forum Editor

Visiting the Super Bowl of politics

Jimmy Loomis, a 21-year-old Washington University senior, is far from your average political enthusiast.

As one of the eight selected national delegates from Missouri, Loomis was among the youngest delegates to attend the Democratic National Convention. First elected as a committeeman for Clayton Township when he was eighteen years old, Loomis’ most recent political feat included a trip to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

| Freshman Press Reporter

College students liven up DNC

While the Democratic National Convention moved its location the final night of its convention to be more accessible to average Americans, both the Democratic and Republican conventions are considered the epitome of elite political events.

| Special to Student Life

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