‘He’s thinking about StudLife 24/7’: Matthew Friedman named Student Life editor-in-chief for 2021–2022

Junior Matthew Friedman’s appointment as editor-in-chief was announced by the Washington University Student Media Inc. board of directors at their annual gala held over Zoom, Feb. 12.

| Senior News Editor

Op-Ed: It’s time to end fraternity houses

It is embarrassing that Washington University currently offers zero dedicated buildings for students of diverse racial, socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds: Turning over fraternity houses to underrepresented students is a necessary first step to reverse this trend.

Ranen Miao, Student Union President | Undersigned Student leaders

On Bear Beginnings: Stop tokenizing diversity

Choosing “Step Into the Circle” as an icebreaker activity among Wash. U. undergraduates was an extremely ignorant decision made by the First Year Center.

Shelby Crook | Contributing Writer

Brown School continues focus on inclusion in hiring process

In continued dedication to equity in its hiring processes, the Brown School of Social Work has hired a diverse group of new faculty members for the 2019-2020 school year.

| Senior News Editor

Op-Ed: Three Stories

I sense the need to hear these stories, to share them and to urge us to take them into consideration as we move forward as a community dedicated to the increased diversity of our student body.

Ron Cytron | Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

WU to launch Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity

Washington University will establish a Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity in fall 2019.

In an announcement during the fifth annual “Day of Discovery, Dialogue & Action,” Chancellor-elect Andrew Martin announced the launch of a university-wide center, which will promote interdisciplinary research on race and ethnicity.

| Staff Reporter

Letter to the Editor

To the editors of Student Life: I am writing in response to an opinion column that appeared in your Feb. 6 edition. Since it ran, I have heard from several students that the column intensified their sense that they do not belong at our university. That is something I cannot allow to go without response.

Lori White | Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Staff editorial: In our eyes: Diversity on Danforth Campus

In two weeks, shortly after many students return from Thanksgiving Break, Student Life will release a new special issue highlighting diversity on Washington University’s campus, titled “WU: In Focus”.

Op-ed: Identity and exclusion

Coming to a university like Washington University means meeting people of all kinds of different identities, experiences and lives. Coupled with this is the need to mature. But what buttresses all of this is the fear of exclusion.

Nicholas Kinberg | Class of 2020

WU hires 2 tenure-track female physics professors

Washington University’s physics department offered positions to two female tenure-track faculty members this semester. Nuclear physicists Maria Piarulli and Saori Pastore formally accepted the positions earlier this month.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Reporter

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