dinning services

A tale of 2 tired legs

Picture this: It’s approximately 12:15 p.m. You and four friends wait on a short, quickly moving line for lunch. You move seamlessly from the line to the drink dispensary, and quickly find a table for a nice relaxing lunch.

| Forum Editor

Exploring new dining options on the South 40

Resident District Manager of Bon Appétit Nadeem Siddiqui led members of the Student Life staff on a tour of the new dining facilities on the South 40. Check out the features of the new eating facilities.

Webfood: Online orders for DUC food available this fall

Starting this fall, students will have the option to pre-order certain menu items online and pick up their items at the Danforth University Center at no additional cost.

| Staff Reporter

Consider some food flexibility

Bon Appétit may be acclaimed as one of the nation’s most highly-ranked campus food companies, but Wash. U. students know that the meal plan system certainly has its flaws.

| Forum Editor

Rethink the point system

When freshmen are required to purchase meal plans from Dining Services at Wash. U., the choices seem meager and insufficient. However, at the end of the school year, many freshmen find themselves frantically trying to raid Bear Mart or sell large chunks of points in an effort to get rid of extra meal points.

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