Expectations versus reality: from admissions tours to the first month of school

It has been over a month since the week of hectic red move-in carts, kaleidoscopic residential college shirts, and proud convocation chants for the Class of 2026.

| Contributing Writer

Opinion submission: Let’s be great customers, on and off-campus

WashU has a shortage of dining staff. We need to treat the staff they have with kindness and understanding.

| Class of 2023

Students report difficulty accessing food as Dining Services experiences supply chain and staffing issues

As Dining Services faces supply chain issues and staffing shortages, some students are struggling to find food options on campus.

| Staff Reporter

From behind the plexiglass: The people who make up the Bear’s Den

No matter how many booths are blocked off by blue tape, the people who make BD what it is are still there.

and | Staff Writers

On-campus dining involves new safety precautions for workers and students

While all dining areas except for the law cafe are open and running, many have reduced hours and have altered processes to fit social distancing guidelines.

Elisa Xu | Contributing Reporter

The Bear’s Den Philly steak sandwich is the real deal

The idea of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich made outside the city of Philadelphia just doesn’t sit right with them. I admit, I was skeptical of the Bear’s Den Philly when I first got it. That skepticism faded away two bites in.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Editor

Bursting the WU food bubble: Hiro Asian Kitchen

Located just around the corner from the City Museum, Hiro Asian Kitchen provides a combination of Asian fusion offerings with a cool ambience, decorative cloud-like lights, a modern stone wall by the bar and private oak wood seating sections.

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

Spend Thanksgiving on campus: A guide

While many students are counting the days until they head home, it is important to remember that not everyone on campus will be traveling home this Thanksgiving. Many students choose to save their money given the shortness of the break, where it doesn’t make sense for some students to make the trek home for just a few days.

| Senior Scene Editor

“Phillipe” Sandwich To Expand Across Campus

The popular Phillipe sandwich from Cherry Tree Cafe will be sold all over campus starting in November. This specialized peanut butter and jelly will be sold prepackaged at first, and if sales are successful, it could potentially be added to the menu.

Tyler Friedman | Contributing Reporter

Campus evades local E. coli scare: officials still search for cause

An outbreak of E. coli in St. Louis has, thus far, left Washington University students unscathed. The St. Louis County Health Department has yet to find the cause of the breakout of over 30 cases in the area, which were originally rumored to be linked to salads at nearby Schnucks locations. So far there have been no cases of E.

| contributing reporter

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