News in Brief: WUGWU campaign, Day of Dialogue, NEH fellowships

Washington University Graduate Workers Union launched a Valentine’s day campaign, the University hosts its annual Day of Discovery, Dialogue, and Action and two WU faculty members were awarded NEH fellowships.

News Editors

‘Mass Effect 3’

On Tuesday, BioWare released the final installment in its RPG trilogy “Mass Effect.” As a huge fan, I spent a few hours waiting in GameStop for the midnight launch, and when I finally got my copy of “Mass Effect 3,” I was absolutely blown away.

| Cadenza Reporter

Food, faith and shared community: Sacred Meals brings students together

On Nov. 18, the St. Louis Hillel at Washington University hosted what was arguably the most successful example of religious pluralism in recent memory at Washington University, the first event of a new program at Wash. U.—Sacred Meals.

| Executive Editor

Off-campus controversy shows dialogue is needed

Leave it to public urination and a disbanded game of Wiffle ball to bring Wash. U. students and University City residents to loggerheads. University City’s “zero-tolerance policy” has become the flavor of the month in this area of St. Louis, and our ordinarily easy-going campus is abuzz with accusations of profiling and police abuses.

| Forum Editor

Rationality and the bubble

In Creve Coeur, Mo.—the suburb of St. Louis where I grew up—it is not uncommon to hear people admonish the legal provision of funding for stem cell research, nor is it out of the ordinary when a Catholic bishop sends you mail to tell you how to vote.

| Senior Forum Editor

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