Opinion submission: Resisting and persisting through self care

You are doing enough.

| Class of 2025

‘It’s important for people to be proactive about staying connected to people in their life’: Students struggle to cope with isolation and depression during the winter of COVID-19

With progressively inclement weather and new mutations of COVID-19, opportunities for Washington University students to safely socialize are becoming increasingly limited.

| Staff Reporter

Juice WRLD should not be dead

His struggles exemplify a situation where those close to someone going through similar problems should step in.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Op-ed: You can’t choose happiness

As I kept everything to myself, I began to resent the people around me. Everyone seemed so happy all the time. All I wanted was one day where I didn’t wake up with this unbearable heavy feeling.

Maria de Figueiredo | Class of 2020

A letter to depressed students on “Wash U Confessions”

Despite the smiling faces that grace the covers of our brochures and viewbooks, unhappiness certainly has an ominous presence on campus. I guess it isn’t completely surprising that this is such a common sentiment—after all, Washington University is an intensely high-pressure environment. It’s almost too easy to fall into the clutches of feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, lonely and everything in between.

Rima Parikh | Contributing Writer

Mental health is a discussion worth having

Amreet Mohanty’s recent post on the “Washington University in St. Louis Class of 2015” Facebook group sparked widespread discussion on the state of mental health resources on campus. More than 60 students attended the Student Union Senate meeting last Tuesday, evidencing the student concern over Mohanty’s accusations of administrative negligence and abuse of power.

Wash. U. students more stressed than undergraduates nationally

“I wasn’t doing as well as I could, and no matter how hard I was trying, I still couldn’t get things going the right way.” This freshman pre-medical student described his immense struggle to balance academic work and a social life upon entering Washington University—his intense feelings of inadequacy compounded by his parents’ inability to understand his struggles.

Don’t forget about depression

I’m glad to see the nation taking action on the issue of LGBT issues and bullying in general. I find it odd, however, that there has been little awareness of another similarity between these men, one that caused their deaths as surely as bullying did: they all had hidden battles with depression, a secret that eventually led to their suicides.

Jack Reidy | Op-Ed Submission

Depression, suicide rising among college students

In the United States, suicide is the third leading cause of death among people from 15 to 24 years old. More than 3,900 young people die by committing suicide every year. Earlier this month, two students at Cornell University took their own lives by “gorging,” or leaping off a bridge into the vast gorges. The suicides have contributed to the perception that Cornell has a higher-than-average suicide rate.

| Contributing Reporter

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