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We ought not forget the zeal for life we met here

I looked back at old Commencement issues of Student Life expecting to find every column beginning with, “Well, I’m sitting down to write my last column, and I can’t imagine how to put into words the four great years I’ve spent here.” The plan was to cite how most final columns do that and simultaneously, in doing so, avoid doing it myself.

| Former Managing Editor

Tomato ban improves lives

Another issue of Student Life and another expression of overheated outrage at the recent decisions made by Bon Appétit to conduct business in an ethical manner. Invariably, these arguments are all alike, little more than childish temper tantrums veiled in the high rhetoric of right and privileges.

Dylan Suher | Op-Ed Submission

Don’t fetishize me

“Fetishize,” according to the American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition, means “to make a fetish of.” A “fetish,” then, is (besides a magical object associated with shamanistic religious practices and an object or body part that arouses remarkable sexual desire) “an object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence” or “an abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a […]

| Forum Editor

Is it journalism anymore?

Wednesday afternoon, four scholarly sculpture students picked up the most recent issue of Student Life, which featured Dennis Sweeney’s “-isms & -ities” (Student Life, Feb. 4). This column was a review of a show we just put up. Sweeney probes the reader to question why art is made, how it is valid, what inspires art […]

Radicalism is for children

How can an idea so progressive, so sophisticated as that of radicalism be associated with our sweet, innocent youth? Easily.

| Forum Editor

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