WU Democrats, Republicans help campaigns

Washington University students have been helping out on the campaign trail as the Nov. 2 elections approach. Election season has hit the University, as an open Senate seat, multiple seats in the House of Representatives and local and state offices are up for grabs.

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Tea Party’s definition of liberty

It’s 2010 and tri-corner hats might seem like an eccentric fashion choice, unless the wearer happens to be starring in a second grade history pageant. Not so, according to the so-called Tea Party movement, at least in the symbolic sense. This recent grass-roots movement, loosely united by fervor for limited government and original intent, has become a major force of dissent in conservative politics.

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The best kind of activist isn’t a politician at all

The best kind of political activist isn’t a politician at all. For anyone looking to make a difference or to sway the country with your ideals, take this advice: stay out of politics. We constantly see examples in the media of politicians engaged in never-ending battles to assert their party’s inherent superiority over the ideals of the opposition.

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Massachusetts and health care: what it means for us

In a stunning reversal of fortune, the Democratic supermajority in the United States Senate has now been shattered with the election of Republican Scott Brown to succeed the late Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Brown received 52 percent to his Democratic challenger Martha Coakley’s 47 percent, an astonishing demonstration of widespread apathy and even anger at President Obama’s health care reform proposal.

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Editorial Cartoon | Oct. 7, 2009

Rachel Yoon and Jeremy Lai

Who must “we” be?

I’ve always enjoyed movie scenes in which a mob of sports fans, buzzing with jubilation, simultaneously rush the streets after their team wins a championship. I’m not sure whether this type of celebration actually ever happens in real life, but I’ve always hoped it does. Moreover, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the mob. Much to my dismay, however, growing up in a city completely without professional sports has prevented this dream from being realized.

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WU students vote with nation, elect Obama

Proving the improbable, the University student body aligned with the American public to make history by electing Barack Obama as the 44th and first African-American president of the United States on Tuesday. Putting an end to the longest presidential campaign run in history—it started almost two years ago, Obama won a landslide victory, securing wins […]

We’re all Americans

Over the past few weeks Student Life has received and printed a litany of opinion-editorial pieces from Republicans and Democrats arguing about the ethical imperatives behind each of their positions and arguing about how both sides frame each other and treat each other.

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Obama rally at Arch draws 100K

The area around Liberty Memorial and the Gateway Arch was crowded with 100,000 people on Saturday afternoon, all of whom had a single intent: to see Barack Obama.

| Contributing Reporter

Biden to appear in VP debate

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), the presumptive democratic presidential nominee, announced on Saturday that he has selected Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware to be his running mate in this year’s presidential election, and thus the Democratic representative to the vice presidential debate which will be held on Washington University’s campus in October.

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