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People in two vehicles shoot at each other on Delmar Blvd., stray bullet hits WU students’ apartment window

The students were not hurt, but two occupants of one vehicle were transported to the hospital with unknown injuries.

and | Senior News Editors

Student assaulted near Delmar and Westgate

The Washington University Police Department alerted students to an aggravated assault of a student early Feb. 9, in a security memo sent later that day.

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter


Walking along the Loop, you might not notice a change in the landscape, but a new restaurant—Ranoush—has risen where Saleem’s once reigned. The new locale is difficult to spot as it has kept much of the style and aura of the former establishment. Ranoush is actually Syrian while Saleem’s was Lebanese, but this subtlety went unnoticed by my American palate—the main difference in the food was the goodness. Ranoush seems to have beaten Saleem’s in that respect.

Netta Sadovsky | Scene Reporter

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